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Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Combo Offer 1

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Availability : 22

Brand : Sunfeast

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Combo Offer 1
2pc Sunfeast Darkfantasy Chocofills Luxuria 150G
1 pc Sunfeast Darkfantasy Choco Meltz Luxuria 150G

Sunfeast Darkfantasy Chocofills Luxuria:
Be it an occasion or a moment of pride; be it small victories or a huge accomplishment, Dark Fantasy Choco Fills is the naya meetha that makes all the moments special. Live your moment as you indulge your senses with the heavenly taste of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills.​ Savor the delicious, sun-baked rich crust cookies that enrobes the silky-smooth chocolate, made to captivate and satiate your palate. Each single serving is easy to carry, anywhere you go! ​ Heat it, freeze it, crush it or relish it; bring home them home and find reasons to have them. ​
Sunfeast Darkfantasy Choco Meltz Luxuria:
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco MeltzRich chocolate coating on the outside. Crisp chocolate cookie in the centre. And complete the seduction of your senses with a heart of molten choco crème.

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