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PTron Pulse Smart Bracelet

Earning Points: 44.00

NRs 4,400

Availability : 6

Brand : PTron

Ptron Pulse Smart Bracelet

A fitness tracker with a difference, track your oxygen saturation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Lead a healthier life with the step, distance and calories burnt monitor from all your activities. Are you sleeping well? Monitor your sleep pattern with the Ptron pulse smart bracelet. It is truly a versatile Fitness Tracker smart bracelet with Bluetooth-activated, remote camera operation.

Ptron Pulse smart bracelet also has Find-Your-Phone technology so you don’t need to search endlessly for your phone!
Smart Fitness Activity Tracker gets you into the healthy lifestyle mode by tracking calories, steps and distance and monitoring your heart rate and pressure conveniently. It’s exactly what a fitness freak like you needs!
IP68 Waterproof tracker can go with you into the shower, swimming and in the rain. Wash your hands with it on your wrist. It’s unique closed design makes it IP68 waterproof so it can be your ultimate companion.

Single Touch Screen Control makes it so simple to view your various activities. Press to see steps, distance or other activity. Choose which to display on your tracker from the App on your phone and it is good to go.
Bluetooth v4.0 BLE Connectivity in your tracker is for both iOS and Android phones. It is compatible with most Bluetooth v4.0 BLE compatible devices.

Inbuilt Heart Rate Sensor in Ptron Pulse smart bracelet helps you keep track of your heart rate while exercising. Reach the correct heart rate for your age and fitness levels while exercising. Stay in the peak of health with the blood pressure monitor.

Message Notifications are conveniently displayed as push notifications. Just lift your arm and glance at your watch to see the latest messages. You don’t have to reach for your phone at an inconvenient time like when driving. It also displays caller ID for incoming calls.

Ptron Pulse smart bracelet is perfect for Sports Management since it has so many useful monitors and tracks your steps, distance and calories burnt. If you forget when you started your exercise regime it’s all there on the display.
90mAh Long-lasting Li-Polymer Battery lasts 5-7 days on a single charge. No hassle of having to charge your watch every day. Just charge your tracker once a week for an hour to reach full charge and wear it and forget it!

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