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Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On For Period Pain -10ml

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Brand : Pee Safe

PeeSafe Feminine Cramp Releif Roll On 10ml
Periods is a true essence of womanhood.  Every month nature visits us with the menstrual cycle and reminds us to take it slow for 5 odd days. Bleeding, mood swings, cramps – all these troubles have turned normal for almost every woman. We at Pee Safe, believe that while bleeding is natural, we need to put an end to the periods pain that comes along. So we have curated an innovative product to answer How to relieve Periods Pain? - Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On - a 100% herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous and instant relief from muscle cramps (period pains) during menstrual days. 
This Roll On is curated with the goodness of Ayurveda extracts and it contains no harmful chemicals. It has ‘Satva Pudina’ that is a natural pain reliever with fresh and soothing fragrance Extracts of Eucalyptus Oil is anti-inflammatory in nature which helps calm irritability, hence helps to elevate your mood instantly.
This Relief Roll-On easily gets absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any stain over your clothes or residue/oil over your body. It is extremely easy to use and you do not require anybody’s help for the application. You just need to roll it over the affected area in the manner of gentle strokes and periods pain will be alleviated in just a few mins. It can be applied over Lower Abdomen, Lower Back and Thighs during menstruation days. This 10ml pack is pocket-friendly and hence makes a perfect travel essential too. 10 ml Roll On will last approximately 3 menstrual cycles.
Product Key Features:
Natural periods pain reliever from menstrual cramps
100% Herbal Roll On with Ayurveda extracts
With the goodness of ‘Satva Pudina’ & ‘Eucalyptus Oil’
Does not leave any stains or residue on clothes
Provides instant and continuous relief
 How to use Feminine Cramp Relief Roll On?
Roll on gentle strokes over the affected areas
Use a maximum 3 ml in a period of 12 hours
To be used externally on skin only
Do not apply near genitals
Wait few minutes after application for relief
Can be applied over Lower Abdomen, Lower Back & Thighs
Disclaimer: The product is not a prescription medicine and is meant for light to moderate muscular pain during menstruation. For excessive pain, please consult a licensed physician. Effect of the product is subject to body types.

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