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Barbie Doll With Hair Accessories DJP92

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Brand : Barbie

Barbie Doll and Playset – Multi Coloured:
Barbie presents an all new playset for kids of ages 3 years and above. It is designed for barbie -lovers and hair style enthusiasts. This style set consists of a styling table equipped with a toy hair dryer, hair clips, and a pretty hairbrush!
Children can use these tools to make different styles for their beautiful barbie. Her hair are long and smooth! They can sit her at the styling table and create lots of different hair-dos.
The style set is colorful and vibrant. It quickly engages children and boosts their creative skills. The Barbie is dressed in cute skirt and top. The kids can try out any kind of hairstyle on her.
All the parts of the toy are safe for children of 3 years and above to use.
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COLOR 1,990
PRICE 1,990

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